Top Reasons Why You Need a Photo Booth at Your Wedding!



So, why would a bride and groom want to have a photo booth at their reception? Well, there are a hundred reasons why, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few.

Entertainment Factor

Your guests will have a blast! Our attendants interact with guests and make sure they are always walking away smiling. Many of the guests make repeat visits throughout the night. There is typically a line waiting throughout the evening and the guests love that they can view their photos online afterwards and share them on social media.

Age Ain’t A Thing

From infants to grandparents, anyone can make memories in our photo booths. It is hilarious to see that bald uncle wearing a wig, or grandma wearing a viking hat. Those are the memories that our customers say they treasure the most. Many of these hilarious moments that take place in the photo booth are not captured by the photographer alone.



Photo booths have been around since the beginning of the 20th century. People would grab friends and family and pile into the photo booth to capture a group shot. We apply the same concept now, but with much more stylish booths and some funny props.

Hashtag Station

One great addition to our photo booth lineup is the Hashtag Social Media Stations.

Remember 10 years ago when they used to put a disposable camera on every table at the reception and the bride and groom would go get it developed later and look at the funny photos?

Well, now everyone just uses their phones.

With our Hashtag Stations the guests can upload their cell phone photos to Instagram using your specific hashtag and it will print a 4×6 photo immediately that is decked out in your own logo and theme just like the photo booth strips. See the photo below to see all the custom additions we added to the photo. Notice the guest’s username and profile pic at the top and then the custom logos throughout (This was a corporate event).


Great Favors for Guests to Take Home

Every guest goes home with a photo strip and you can add clear plastic sleeves as a nice touch as well!

High-quality Photos

We only use high quality DSLR cameras by Nikon and Canon so you receive high quality photos every time. Since they are such high quality, the photos can be blown up and printed on canvas and put in a picture frame for the house.


Create a Theme!

Does your wedding have a theme to it? No matter your theme, we can add the design to your photo strips. We can use your wedding colors and place the names and date at the bottom as well.

If your budget allows, we can even create a custom backdrop for you!


Great Guestbook

This is the number one thing that brides email me about after the wedding. They love having the guestbook sit on their coffee table at home to flip through and to show guests. Not only are the photos great to look at, but the notes that guests leave are hilarious or sincere wishes from the heart. The guestbook is something you will love to look at again and again.

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