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How Does Renting a Photo Booth Work?

After contacting Oh Snap, we’ll follow up with you in short order to determine what package of our services will best meet your needs and expectations. Once you’ve decided to engage us and payment arrangements have been made, we’ll setup an appointment to check out the site where the photo booth will be setup if necessary. The week before the event, we’ll contact you to verify all of the details and make any adjustments necessary.

On the day of the event, Oh Snap will arrive about an hour prior and get everything setup. We’ll bring everything we need, so all we require from you and your site is power; we only need access to a single grounded outlet (like the ones in an average home). Once we get setup, we are ready to operate for the entire event.

We’ll manage the entire process including helping and instructing guests on how to use the booth or where to put their pictures (if you purchased a scrapbook, for instance). We cut each 4×6 in half so you get 2 strips for every print. When we’re done, we’ll break down our booth and get packed up without interrupting anything.

People can come when and as often as they please…we have no limits on anything except the time of the event. An announcement to try out the photo booth is great for getting things started. Generally a few make their way over early, but word spreads fast, and soon we’ll have a short line of groups or couples that want to get in on the fun. We can even provide props to help inspire a little craziness. Your satisfaction is our top priority. If at any point you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to send them our way. Next time you or one of your friends has a party, we want to be your first call.

Why Rent a Photo Booth From Oh Snap?

1. People Love Photo Booths! Kids of all ages, including adults, love photo booths. People are naturally drawn to them. Events that have them are thought of to be more fun, and they have that extra magic about them. Guests will be talking about what a great idea it was and they often consider it for their next big event.

2. Unlimited Photos Create Countless Memories Since all photos are included in the packages you and your guests do not have to worry about any constraints. The smiles and funny faces are non-stop.

3. Allows for more people to be Photographed In most settings with a medium to large gathering it is often difficult for a photographer to get photographs of everyone. Having a photo booth at your event will virtually ensure everyone gets their photo taken which is great for you and your guests. And of course there will always be those few who seem to be in hundreds of photos. The photo booth is a great compliment to a traditional photographer.

4. Value The value of what a photo booth brings to your event is priceless. That being said, rentals are a great value for the price.